Vendor testimonials

"As a vendor at Heartland Antique Mall, it has been a pleasure to work with the great staff who are both knowledgeable and professional.  Anytime I have asked for help they have gone out of their way to assist me.  I am impressed with the recent changes that have been taking place. The mall looks updated and less cluttered, with more open floor space for the customers. If you are thinking about becoming a vendor I highly recommend you check them out."  Roger S.


  1. When can vendor checks be picked up?

  • Answer: Vendor checks are available the 5th of every month.

2. When can I rearrange my booth?                                              

  • Answer: Anytime during business hours of 8:00 AM to 8:00PM, 7 days a week, unless otherwise posted.

   3. Who do I speak to about rental questions?                                

  • Answer: Linda is Heartland's Rental Coordinator, if she isn't available, please speak to Courtney, our Store Manager.

   4. Do I have to sign a yearly contract?                                              

  • Answer: No. Booth Rental Agreements are required but booth rentals are on a month to month basis.

  5. Does everything in my booth have to be antiques?               

  • Answer: Not necessarily, we have 3 designated areas of the store to separate antiques from flea market & craft items. 

6. Is there someone available at all times to answer             

my questions?                                                                           

  • Answer: If available staff cannot answer your questions, a message can be left and will be addressed as soon as possible.